Be A Volunteer

IMPORTANT COSTUMING NOTE!  An incorrect costume schedule was handed out at the dedication worship program.  Please use the following schedule and come only at the specified time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Marketplace Costume Schedule
All Others Costume Schedule

About the Volunteer Database

Welcome to the online volunteer registration page.  The registration page will allow you to select an available position and obtain director approval.  All volunteers must complete this registration and be approved in order to participate in the event.

Your Committment

As a volunteer, you are committing to attend all general meetings. Thank you in advance for clearing your schedule for these times. AU students may receive worship credit for these Friday night worship/orientation meetings if needed.  You are also committing to be involved as scheduled on the day of the event.

Your Account / Password Reset

Be sure to write down your password and keep in a safe place.  If you forget your password, click here to have it reset.

Position Approval

Once you have registered for a volunteer position, the director or your area will contact you to approve your registration.  Log back in any time to check the approval status of your position.  You will receive a verification via email when your position has been approved.